Cybersecurity In Health Care

As healthcare providers work to implement the latest pieces of technology to improve patient care, and secure Patient Health Innovation (PHI), ¬†with evolving threats we at Purkyashatha lab, are determined to work towards deflecting these threats by working on developing a safe and secure framework for sharing of information. Moving forward to achieve our goals Read more about Cybersecurity In Health Care[…]

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records One of our goals at Purkayastha Laboratory is to develop consolidated Electronic Medical Systems that would cater to the need of every section in a healthcare establishment. A solution that would ensure interoperability between every department such as the Pharmacy and the Ambulatory etc. Over the years, researchers at Purkayastha laboratory have Read more about Electronic Health Records[…]

Mobile and Population Health

One of our goals at Purkayastha Laboratory is to inquire more into how we can improve Preventive Care and Population Health Management. We have engaged in a wide range of research to study more into the major concern about quantitative evaluations of population health. Our aim is to strike a balance between the developmental impact Read more about Mobile and Population Health[…]