Shreya Goyal

Shreya Goyal is graduated with an MS in Health Informatics from the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, India. Her research interests include data analysis, data management, Electronic Health Records, data privacy, and security concerns. She worked as Read more about Shreya Goyal[…]

Geetha Priya Padmanaban

Geetha Priya Padmanaban is currently a Master’s student in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University.‍My passion lies in bridging human factors and technologies to solve inter-wined social problems. In the past, I worked on building user interfaces for mission-critical products in healthcare and financial domains. During her coursework, she developed a deep interest in client-facing roles Read more about Geetha Priya Padmanaban[…]

Chinazom Chukwuemeka

ChinazomChukwuemeka has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and is in her final semester for a Master’s degree in Health Informatics. She worked as a web designer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded, mHBB (mobileHelping Babies Breathe) project in partnership with IU School of Medicine and the University of Oxford. Other projects include Read more about Chinazom Chukwuemeka[…]