This is an android application developed to function as a tracker capture application based on District Health Information System 2(DHIS2). mHBS_tracker is customized for a mobile Helping Babies Survive(mHBS) project. The application leverages on differentDHIS2 packages such as: dhis2-android-sdk dhis2-android-trackercapture dhis2-android-new-sdk dhis2-android-sdk includes the following: Representations of data models such as Data Elements, Events, etc. Read more about mHBS_tracker[…]

Sahithi Kalari

Sahithi Kalari has  a Doctor of Pharmacy(Pharm.D) from India.She is currently pursuing Masters in Health Informatics. Her research areas include Electronic Health Record(EHR) systems, Health Information Exchange(HIE) and Healthcare Analytics. She has worked on projects involving evaluation of incidence and severity of anti-tubercular drugs-induced adverse drug reactions in tubercular patients and case study published on Read more about Sahithi Kalari[…]