A.K. Bhavani Singh

Bhavani Singh, who has been part of the PLHI lab for 2 years joined Mayo Clinic as Informatics Specialist in the Digital Health Science Department. He was a master’s student in Health Informatics who graduated in Fall-2019. Since the beginning, he was always interested in Artificial Intelligence and how small a task could be transferred into a digital interface could bring upon exponential changes. He joined the PHLI lab in January 2018 and involved wherever the opportunities opened- Kaggle, Capstone, etc. His Capstone project of ‘Multi-Label Natural Language Processing to Identify Diagnosis and Procedure Codes from Mimic-III Inpatient Notes’ is a commendable achievement that was produced from the same curiosity and interest to know Artificial intelligence better. Based on these, he developed the portfolio corresponding to a career that would fully tend to machine learning and NLP. He specialized his job searches only in this direction. The applications and interviews in this field are majorly dominated by graduates with Computer Science or IT specialization. But his knowledge, experiences, and challenges he received from the lab and everyone who supported him enabled him to beat the other applicants and traverse a step further.